Saturday, October 4, 2014

Frozen Transfer

I started taking medicine Easter Sunday…it made me a CRAZY person. I was on estrogen patches that were adding extra hormones to my body. I was a crabby mom, a crabby wife, and really unsure of what I was doing. We went to the dr to check on everything, and my uterine lining was not thick enough! We had to wait another week….and then another week….and then another week - my lining wasn’t thick enough to transfer embryos. We changed medicine plans and tried again….it still wasn’t thick enough. We then attempted a crazy combination of medicine (including Viagra…for me!) and THREE estrogen patches! It was a crazy, emotional time. From Easter (April) until August, I was on multiple hormones and dealing with the stress of adding more to our family and trying to hold it together as a mom to our kids. I told husband that if this time didn’t work, I needed a break. 

We went in for a lining check and it was (JUST BARELY) thick enough! I asked my dr if we could transfer all 3 of the remaining embryos bc I didn’t want to do this again. His response was “if anyone would end up with triplets it would be you. I would trust you to raise them, but I don’t want the complicated pregnancy for you.” I agreed, but still wanted to just be done.

We went in for the transfer and found out 2 embryos were thawed - one looked really healthy and the other one looked just okay. My Dr was fairly certain that only one would take. All 3 of us (DH, Dr., and I) were all okay with that. I had my set of twins, and I was PERFECTLY happy with ONE baby at a time! :) I was a little irritated that we couldn’t just transfer the 3rd embryo so that I could be done, but it was too late. There wasn’t time to thaw the 3rd one.

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