Monday, May 8, 2017

Mother's Day LOVE

Mother's Day....such a wonderful idea for a day to celebrate moms. A day that was designed to be full of joy and celebration. And for me, I have an amazing husband, that does his absolute best every year to make Mother's Day special. He works extra hard to make it special because he knows how miserable Mother's Day was before kids....when I wanted to have kids, but we just weren't quite ready to start our family (not miserable then, but not joyful yet); when I wanted to have kids and it just wasn't happening yet; when we realized that we were struggling to have kids; when we had to go through fertility treatments to get pregnant. To sum it up....when I didn't want to leave my house on Mother's Day, because I would see all the other moms and know I wasn't one yet...and when I didn't want to go to church, because out of the goodness of their hearts, I would be handed a "Mother's Day" gift/flower because I was a woman, and I would fight bursting into tears and instead, try to laugh through my pain.

Honestly, my heart still breaks a little bit on Mother's Day.
My heart hurts for the women who want so desperately to be a mom.
My heart hurts for the women going through fertility treatments.
My heart hurts for the husbands who are wanting to protect their wives.
My heart hurts for the women who have one child, but desperately want more.
My heart hurts for the moms who have lost babies or children.
My heart hurts for the moms whose children have turned away.
My heart hurts for the people who have lost their moms.
My heart hurts for the people who didn't have good moms.

And my heart hurts for the moms who have expectations or dreams of an amazingly perfect Mother's Day, and their expectations are not the reality.

I'm thankful for Mother's Day, and for the ability to celebrate my mom and to celebrate being a mom. I was blessed with an amazing mom and great kids..and 2 precious angel babies. I'm so thankful for those beautiful gifts.

This year, I'm determined to celebrate with my kids, find all the joy in the day, and spread love to those who are hurting....because that's what being a mom is about....LOVE.