Monday, July 10, 2017

Present Over Perfect

I've had the book Present Over Perfect on my booklist for a little while. I had heard good things about it, but I don't enjoy reading non-fiction/self-improvement books. I read them for a little bit, but usually I'm too tired to read much and just can't get into it. I really did enjoy this one, though! It was still a slower read than a fictional story, but it was great! Parts of the book really hit me, in both good and bad ways!! Here's a few of the things that the author threw out that really made me go, "Whoa!"

**"Who told me keeping everything organized would bring me happiness?"
No one told me that, but it's definitely been instilled in me. "My Dutch roots might have something to do with it, and my Midwest upbringing." (OUCH! Was she talking about me there??) Does keeping everything organized bring me happiness - honestly, a little bit, but how long does it stay that way? Is that my primary focus of my life or is being THERE and building relationships with my husband, my kids, my primary focus? I need to focus more on what MATTERS...and maybe organize on the side. :)

**"I know that activity--any activity---keeps me from feeling, so that becomes a drug."
Again, ouch! Was she talking about me? In the past, I have literally looked at my calendar and been thrilled that I had something every single night, because that meant I was busy, and I was "loved" and "wanted." Since having kids, I appreciate my/our calendar not being crammed full, but I still fill our days with activities. Sometimes those activities are just household chores/organization, but still activity. Sometimes I fill my nights with playing games on my computer or my phone and am unwilling to just be still. I need to keep focusing on letting myself just be and allowing myself to feel and fully love.

This was just one page of my folded down pages of the book. I'm going to be going back to my folded down pages, and processing more of the things I took away from this amazing book.